New Visitors

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Use “Inquiry Form” to describe your symptom. We only admit emails, no phone or walk-in is not allowed. Once we receive your inquiry, we will be contacting you within 3 working days.

Make first visit

Our doctor will ask you some questions regarding your pain part.

In addition to visual and palpation, we will use echo to examine if you have any problem blood vessels. If necessary, X-rays will be taken. It depends on your symptom, but our doctor will decide on treatment procedure, such as whether to use injections to reduce problem blood vessels or perform catheterization.

**we will not perform catheterization for your first visit.

In case of catheterization (after the first visit):

  • Please come to the clinic 30 mins before your appointment time and tell you name at the reception desk.
  • You will be asked to change your clothes to therapeutic clothing and wait in the waiting room.
  • Our doctor will give a pre-treatment examination.
    **Depends on the patient, but doctor may give an injection in advance.
  • You will enter the catheterization room. After applying ECG and blood pressure cuff, you will be given a local anesthesia injection.
    **Since this is a local injection, you will still be conscious.
    You may feel a little pain when we give a local anesthesia injection and when catheter will be injected.
    **If you wish, we can give an intravenous injection and perform catheterization while sleeping.       
  • Catheterization begins. Usually it takes an hour.
  • After the catheterization, you will rest in the bed for an hour.
    **For those who had an operation of upper body, it is okay to walk to the bed by yourself.
  • After the rest, our doctor will explain your condition, and then you will be finished. You can go back to home by foot.