Treatment & Fee

Return visit:

10,000 JPY

Injection to reduce abnormal blood vessels:

4,800 JPY per injection

Arterial Injection

**A very thin tube (called surflow) is inserted into an artery in wrist or ankle. This takes about 5- 10 mins.

Arterial injection for Heberden’s nodes or CM joint arthrosis:

30,000 JPY for one hand

42,000 JPY for both hands

Arterial injection for Hallux valgus, Plantar fasciitis, pain in accessory navicular:

36,000 JPY for one hand

48,000 JPY for both hands

Catheterization for pain treatment (TAME)

**The catheter we use was developed particularly to treat abnormal blood vessels.

**The catheter is very thin (0.6mm diameter) and soft, not like usual catheter treatment. 

**Less strain on body and you can go back home on the day of the treatment.

**You will get a local anesthesia before the catheterization. If you prefer, you can have the catheter treatment while sleeping by intravenous anesthesia. Please consult with our doctor.

Stiff Shoulder or shoulder pain:

354,000 JPY for one shoulder

438,000 JPY for both shoulders

Knee, foot, or hip joint pain:

354,000 JPY for one shoulder

438,000 JPY for both shoulders

Pain caused by sports:

**This includes tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, Pitcher’s elbow, Jumper knee, Achilles tendonitis, Hamstring adhesions, Runner’s knee, Plantar tendinitis, Subpatellar fatty body, Shin splints, Painful external tibia, Stress fracture, Lumbar spine separation, and other joint pain caused by sports or repetitive strains.

330,000 JPY for one side (leg, feet, hand, etc.)

414,000 JPY for both sides

Pain after catheterization:

354,000 JPY

Back pain:

414,000 JPY


414,000 JPY

Rheumatoid arthritis:

354,000 JPY


414,000 JPY


**[Clinical Research]

Catheterization for stiff shoulder, tennis elbow, osteoarthritis of knee, interstitial cystitis and hemorrhoids may be subject to clinical research.  

Fee for athletes:

**please ask us by inquiry form

Payment methods:


Credit Card (VISA/ Master/ JCB/ American Express/ Diner’s Club)

Bank Transfer

Please note that every fee listed below excludes tax (10%).

Our treatments are not applicable to Japanese National Health Insurance. If you have a private insurance, please check with your insurance company.

14,000 JPY

**If you see Dr. Okuno, director of OKUNO CLINIC., the fee for first visit is 20,000 JPY (tax excluded).

**For your first visit, our doctor checks if you have abnormal blood vessels or not and suggests the appropriate way of the treatment in case you have them. It takes about 15- 30 mins.

**No catheterization at the first visit.

First visit:

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